Thought Field Therapy - tapping meridian pointsThought Field Therapy - what it is


It involves tapping on specific meridian points in a specific order, which 'deactivates' the 'perturbation' (the stressful emotional response to an event, situation or problem). These points correspond to the classical Chinese acu-points which have been used for thousands of years with acupuncture, acupressure and, more recently, with kinesiology. Although the stress is removed using this tapping technique, the memory and learning are still there - but are no longer stressful. This means the person can think or talk about an event or problem without becoming distressed. Fears, phobias and anxiety can be removed usually in one session - more complex issues or those affected by toxins will take slightly longer. What it can help - many different problems but in particular:


  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Lack of confidence
  • Panic attacks
  • Trauma
  • Victim of abuse



"Thank you so much for the TFT treatment. I found the treatment worked surprisingly quickly and easy with your instruction and clear explanation. The treatment was definitely affective and lasted some weeks. I noticed that I wasn't waking in the night with anxiety and generally felt more balanced for some time. I have used one of the TFT treatments since and found it very helpful at shifting me through an emotional issue."

"I had a TFT session with Penny which was really useful and certainly made me feel much less anxious about my situation. I have found myself using simple elements of the treatment in my everyday life when I have needed to get a correction in my perspective; Being calmer or less negative/hard on myself with great results!"

"Having tried lots of different therapies in the past i am always interested in something new to me, so when Penny said would i like to try T.F.T. i naturally agreed, i had a rough idea what to expect but Penny explained the techniques before we began. We discussed relevant issues and emotions that i was feeling then Penny showed me a tapping sequence that we then did together, it took a couple of times to complete, then we examined the feelings to see if these had changed.I found the main issues were hard to pin point after which i think was good as it felt like they were less important.

I have tried to use a sequence at home which i think has helped. I would recommend T.F.T. to anyone, it seems a very useful tool to have, and Penny's professional manner puts you at ease."
Lucy Newing

"I found the TFT I had with Penny very interesting and helpful. The issues we worked on in the session still haven't come back. I must say I was shocked at how affective this treatment was for me and wouldn't hesitate to go back to for further work in the future if needed. The whole experience was very relaxed and professional. I haven't had time to try it by myself as yet but will do in the near future."

"I had a session of TFT with Penny to deal with some very traumatic memories from the past and I'm delighted to say that talking or thinking about the events no longer causes me distress and the recurrent nightmares I would get have now stopped completely. Penny's approach is with great compassion and care and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking healing."