99 picture cards about stress and resilience and 44 animal cards


The 99 picture cards reflect the stresses of daily life as well as revealing possibilities for relaxation. Daily pressures can be both a stimulating elixir of life and also a painful burden resulting in bad moods, upsets, or even illness. How can we find our own resources in order to unburden ourselves?

The 44 animal cards symbolize qualities that can help us discover and strengthen our resilience. Metaphorically, they provide emotional and/or conceptual support. All 143 vividly-coloured cards were painted by the versatile Czech watercolour artist Emilie Marti. Like all of our cards, RESILIO can be combined with other OH-genre decks. It can be used privately, for instance to keep a stress diary. In a professional context, RESILIO can be an undogmatic tool for helping ' in an unbiased, value-free way ' to evoke people’s inner stories.

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