Kinesiology appointments, South East Kinésiologie en Kent
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  • Direct Line: 01304 274360
  • Mobile: 07766 832903
  • Only between 8:30 am and 6:30pm Mon - Sat

Appointments available in Adisham, Nr Canterbury/Dover

Length of appointments:

  • Adults - up to 1½ hours
  • Children - up to 1 hour

Preparing for a Kinesiology appointment
It's a good idea to have something to eat beforehand, so you aren't hungry, but not so much that it's uncomfortable lying down. Don't do strenuous exercise, take pain killers or eat chocolate, drink alcohol or smoke, within a few hours of having a kineisology session, as these can interefere with the muscle responses. Please don't wear perfume, or strong-smelling lotions/hair products, or clothes that smell of incense/perfurme/washing-powder, as this can affect mental function (mine and yours!). As you will be lying down and having arms and legs moved about, it's best to wear something loose and comfortable (jeans are too restrictive).

It's important to arrive on time for an appointment, otherwise we won't be able to cover as much. Allow at least 1.5 hours for an adult, and 1 hour for a child. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours beforehand, otherwise you will be charged.

After an appointment
At the end of the appointment there is usually some homework, such as rubbing a point on the body, taking a flower essence or supplements, or doing some sort of activity. I often give handouts with useful information about the self-help techniques and supplements, to assist you. It's important to follow through with the homework, as it helps reinforce and maintain the goal and corrections. It also indicates that you are committed to helping yourself get better and improving your life and wellbeing.