Workshop Testimonials

Thanks ever so much for the weekend. It was excellent. I have never done anything like that before but i went away feeling excited and enthusiastic, although a little overwhelmed about putting it in to practice.
Sarah Belsey, McTimoney Chiropractor (Kent)

Thank you for a very interesting workshop and it has inspired me to practice and get myself familiar with this interesting system. I must say I drove home with little stress and woke this morning feeling fresh and brighter than normal so yesterday was very helpful on a learning and personal level.
S.S. (Kent)

Many thanks for an enjoyable weekend, I look forward to putting it into practice today, (well some of it). You have the ability to teach a potentially complicated method in a clear and consise way and I feel confident I have a new tool.
Deborah Cain, McTimoney Chiropractor (Kent)


These are a few of my clients who have kindly given feedback about their experience with kinesiology and my work:

Difficulty walking
It’s amazing Penny! I thought our session was very successful, but, IT’S AMAZING! I went for walk with my wife and STORMED around common and woods without stopping once! FANTASTIC!
JM (62) Kent

Fertility problems and back pain                                                
I have been using kinesiology for years and it helped me with my back and many other issues. When I decided that it was time to become a mum and started realising that it was not happening as soon as I would have liked, I went to see Penny. We worked on issues relating to why I was not getting pregnant and it worked! I am now due to give birth in three weeks and cannot wait to meet the new person in my life. Penny has worked with me throughout my pregnancy and I am still having a few more sessions about giving birth. I am sure that I will still need Penny after the birth. All I have to say is THANK YOU Penny!                            
NF (34) Kent

Excema and food sensitivities
I came to see Penny because my 2yr old daughter had developed ezcema and I wanted to rule out any dietery/soap powder causes. Using me as a surrogate, she was able to test my very squirmy daughter and identified many food intolerance's (with the great patience needed I may add!). Subsequently with her adjusted diet, my daughter's ezcema has cleared dramatically within a 2 week period. Also, my previously fussy eater's appetite has greatly increased, I can't help thinking that this is due to her actually enjoying her new suitable diet. I would recommend Penny to anyone who would like to tackle their health problems. Her calm and friendly demeanor put all at ease. Thank you Penny! 
GC (29) Kent

Headaches and Migraines
I have suffered with migraine headaches for over 30 years and had never found a solution that worked for me apart from very strong medication.  I was searching for another way of looking at the problem and Kinesiology was an avenue that I had not fully explored.  After several sessions of PKP Kinesiology it became clear that my body was stressed by dairy and it needed to be eliminated from my diet. This has not been difficult as there are several lactose-free products available.  PKP Kinesiology has brought to light that I needed to learn a different breathing technique.  I was surprised that this technique not only helped with the headaches but it also helps in dealing with stress.  At last I have been released from the feeling of being imprisoned by constant headaches and life seems brighter.
CL (59) Kent

Stomach bug - abdominal cramps and nausea
This March I embarked on a trip to summit Kilimanjaro. After a very enjoyable trek, I succumbed to severe abdominal cramps and vomiting, which continued until I returned to the UK. After sensible precautions, including fasting and a rice and water diet, the cramps persisted and nausea did not abate, although the vomiting did. After some weeks of discomfort I made an appointment with Penny Davey for a kinesiology rebalance. I expected that the session would take me on a journey of discovery and was not disappointed. The incredible result was no further abdominal cramps and I was happy to book another appointment with Penny to balance other areas of my life. I have also told all my friends about this incredible therapy. A huge thank you to Penny for her time and empathy. I was impressed by her very professional approach, delivering an effective balance that addressed my problem.
DCB (Kent)

Lack of confidence/feeling stuck
I was feeling stuck in life, unhappy and unsure of which direction to go in. As a result of this i'd lost all my confidence. My sister recommended Kinesiology and i gave it a go. I loved it! things have and are changing now and i'm so much more confident as a person. i'd definitely reccommend kinesiology to anyone who needs a bit of help in life as we all do from time to time!
JB (30) Kent

One session of kinesiology is like a year's worth of therapy!
TC (43) Kent

I had not slept properly for 10 years and after just a couple of sessions with penny I am sleeping through most nights and waking refreshed.
BJ (Kent)

The right road to healing
Penny is ace at what she does, a thoroughly lovely lady and she has helped me and mine tremendously. Tapping into the body & mind's knowledge of itself via kinesiology can reveal astounding insights and put us on the right road to healing. I've studied loads of healing modalities in my time, and this one is very effective.

I have entrusted my son to Penny on numerous occasions, simply because she gets results. An even better testament to her skill is that he is also extremely fond of her, with a great deal of respect - not bad for a slightly cynical teenager!

I have also had a session with Penny and I don't know how I would have coped with my new, incredibly stressful job without having seen her first. She skillfully balanced me physically and emotionally to deal with the coming storm.

On a personal note, what I love about Penny is that she is just so lovely - a true, intuitive empath. At the same time her knowledge is extraordinary. I have just been blown away by her utter professionalism, knowledge, intuition and dedication to being of service in her field of expertise.

You may gather from that that I highly recommend her... Penny's just one of those people who is incredibly dedicated and naturally good at what she does, and if you need a confidential, helping, healing hand right now, give her a call.
AH (42) Kent

Starting new school, reading and writing
Thank you Penny for helping my daughter with her fears of moving from being home educated to going to school for the first time in her life. She fitted into school with ease and after a couple of days she said, "I think seeing Penny has really helped me". I noticed how you helped J.... to feel comfortable and at ease in the kinesiology sessions and how it has helped her feel more confident with her reading and writing and has released the stress that she had previously felt when reading to people she didn't know.
HN (Kent)

No longer feeling stuck and now making changes and moving forward
Thank you so much for the session we had on Monday. I was not expecting to achieve such remarkable insights into the issues which arose. It was a truly life changing experience for me and I feel ready to move forward and deal with my life with far more balance and clarity.
IP (58) Wales

Increase in energy and confidence
After Penny's balance I had the confidence to come off anti-depressants and felt I could cope with the world. It was very powerful and made all the difference. I can even get up in the mornings with ease. Thank you Penny.
KC (40) Kent

Increase in energy and weight loss
Life had been very difficult for me for some time. However, after several kinesiology balances with Penny, I now have my energy back and feel like I did 30 years ago. I've also been motivated to lose weight and so far have lost at least 15 lbs. The kinesiology has completely and utterly changed my life and I can't believe what I've achieved (my husband is also very grateful!).
MM (75) Kent

Three words: A-MA-ZING and LIFE-CHANGING!! Meeting Penny and discovering Kinesiology have been one of the most dramatic (in a positive way!) experience I have ever had. The work is so gentle and yet so powerful. Penny has such a professional and warm way about her that I cannot help but feel totally at ease with her and get the best out of each sessions. Here are two examples of the kind of things I have gained from the sessions:


  • A broken heart healed in one session:
    a whole year after my partner had left me without explanation I would still find myself being triggered by little reminders. Every single time, the pain resurfaced like no time had passed. It was physically and emotionally still so painful. I simply could not move on without understanding why he had left. I then met Penny and after just one session I was free! It's been over 8 months since this session and I can still think about him pain-free. It's just amazing!!!...


  • Redundancy and Career Change made easy:
    I was losing my job. I had been thinking about changing career but I had difficulty letting go of my successful career, and all the training and effort that went into it, and I had noone to support me financially or emotionally during that change. Working with Penny allowed me to shift and go for what my heart truly desired even if it was scary!!... I gained faith, confidence and handled the change and the fear of it all in a way that I don't think would have been possible without the work with Penny. People would say to me "How can you be so relaxed about it all?"... well, Kinesiology with Penny was the answer... :o) and a few months on it's looking very positive indeed!
CL (32) Kent


Increase in energy and confidence
For me Kinesiology was a wonderful opportunity for a life review. Penny uses some powerful techniques to create an uplifting treatment and your body is left wanting more. Subtle but deep changes occurred after having my treatment. My energy levels were renewed and my commitment and confidence in all areas of my life changed for the better and I now look at myself in a different way. Thank you for the experience.
KS (47) Faversham


Relationship issues and supplements testing
I found Penny Davey very calm, professional and sensitive. We managed to clear some long standing blocks about my relationship with my step father who was very ill, which meant we could have a positive and loving dialogue before he died. I would recommend her for finding out which food supplements, if any you need to take, as well as for emotional issues. She taps into your body's own natural wish to be healed and lets it speak directly to you.
FB (63) Faversham


Hay fever and self-image/self-worth/assertiveness
I first met Penny in October 2006, and initially felt sure that talking to your body must be absolute mumbo-jumbo! However, gradually I have realised that kinesiology really can work. Penny has helped Emily, my nine-year-old daughter with hay fever so that the symptoms are not so acute. Penny has also guided me so that I have a more positive self-image, and I am learning to say 'no' without feeling guilty and letting others down.
JK (45) Kent


Hay fever/life changes and challenges
I saw Penny for Kinesiology during a life changing period and she helped me listen to my body and gave me the confidence to set out in a new direction. She was always calm and approachable which enabled me to explore thoughts I had been hiding from and address a bad relationship. I genuinely feel that without Penny's guidance I wouldn't be where I am today: happy again with a new home and a new job.

Not only did she support me emotionally but she has also changed my life by investigating the causes of my hayfever. I can now enjoy fresh air without any affect. Amazing as I used to have all the usual symptoms as well as nausea, sickness, headaches and exhaustion. Thank you!
AB (29) Kent


Emotional well-being
Thank you so much Penny. Not only your kinesiology, but your sensitive and intelligent approach has made a huge difference to my life. I came to you at a time I was having many symptoms as a result of my life-long emotional turmoil that had resurfaced and already those symptoms have gone or eased, and those inner turmoils feel different as if they are finally straightening out. The supplements were excellent and I feel wonderful. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone because I know if you can't help with a particular issue you are very good at pointing in the right direction.
CM (43) Derbyshire


I had not heard of Kinesiology until chatting with a friend one day, I didn't really think anymore about it. Then one day whilst walking home something said to me I need this to balance my life and there was Penny's card in the shop window. Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, after all the drugs etc i had been left with a few side affects that i was told i just had to live with, the worst being Tinnitus.

So my first session i went to with an open mind and wow Penny is an amazing person, what came out of this session and the ones that followed was wonderful. After one session my tinnitus was gone I can hear everything properly for the first time in three years, and after a few more sessions I feel so revitilised and happy, almost a new me, its what the drugs and counselling after cancer couldn't do. Thank you Penny.
PS (38) Kent


Increased energy and enthusiasm/Positive thinking
Thanks to kinesiology I have been released from the burden of a number of troublesome negative thoughts that were causing me distress. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Penny Davey used her skilful kinesiology techniques and understanding attitude to enable me to feel more positive about myself and my future. I can now look forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
JC (60) Canterbury


Lifestyle guidance and supplements testing
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the two sessions that I had with you. I did find them very useful and had my financial circumstances been a little different, I would have come to you for lots more sessions. It was interesting what came up in the sessions – I do know myself quite well and I do often know what I should be doing but we often need to be reminded and my time with you often reinforced things that I sort of knew but wasn’t doing anything about. I often take out your assessment sheets to remind myself. I especially appreciated being told which tablets I should and should not be taking.
RF (52) Bermuda


Lifestyle/life path guidance
Kinesiology was a way forward for me, the balances offered life changing results. Penny's holistic approach is foundation to her whole method of work as she listened, understood and offered solutions to the emotional and physical difficulties I was experiencing. Penny offered a way to communicate with myself and by understanding my body and its reactions I was able to "move on" with my life path. Penny's professional and empathetic approach ensured I felt safe and relaxed in order to balance my life again and has enabled me to discover who I truly am. I thank Penny wholeheartedly for that.
CH (37) Kent


General guidance
I was impressed with your technique and your guidance through the balance. You are very aware and conscious of my comfort level. I am also grateful for your ability to talk me through issues.
TJ (33) Bermuda


Wow! I felt very energised when I left - I ran for 35 minutes(!) which I haven't been able to do in a long while, and weight trained for nearly an hour and, strangely enough, my shoulder hasn't hurt as much as it normally does. I think some major 'stuff ' was released on Saturday - thank you :)
LK (31) Bermuda