88 Round Cards plus 10 Cut-Out Cards "Who am I?"


The INUK cards present a companion in play to the existential question,
"Who am I, what makes me how I am?"

Each 88mm picture card depicts metaphorically a situation in which any of us might find ourselves. Players interpret the pictures through attributing feelings, moods and actions and so themselves become participants in the scenes.  At the same time they might catch a glimpse of their own current inner state. 

Artist Bai Yilin has enriched the OH-Card genre with her 88 paintings on the theme of self-discovery and self-determination.  10 cut-out cards operate as windows, keyholes or magnifying glasses to enhance and affect our perspectives. 

For further surprises try combining the INUK images with the OH words!

Author: Moritz Egetmeyer

Artist: Yilin Bai

Price: £23.90

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