Say goodbye to symptoms of hay fever

Kentish Gazette Thursday 12 June 2008

Say goodbye to symptoms of hay fever by Dominique Taylor



HAY fever and allergies could be a thing of the past according to a Canterbury kinesiology practitioner.

Penny Davey, who delivers the alternative treatment at Spring Gardens Clinic, Wincheap, says it cured her of her allergies as it focuses on strengthening the immune system.

She said: "My kinesiology practitioner was so amazing that not only did she help get to the root of my problem and make my summers a pleasure but she encouraged me to take the long path to qualify and help others."

After 4,000 hours of training, she is doing just that - finding people's intolerance and helping them overcome it.

Penny added: "I set a goal for what a person would like to be able to do that they are unable to at the moment because of their problem.

"I then balance the energy, clear physical and emotional stress and find out what they need in the way of foods, supplements and lifestyle changes to boost their immune system and help to achieve their goal.

"This takes three to five sessions so it is important that right from the outset I get the commitment to give it time to see if this is going to help.

"I do this via a free telephone consultation during which I explain what kinesiology is and how it can help the person."

* To find out more go to or phone Penny on 077660832903.