Supplement testing with kinesiology

Life these days is at such a fast pace, it's no wonder we suffer from stress, poor digestion, stomach pains, headaches, tiredness and outright exhaustion. There are many supplements we can take to support our diet but they can vary enormously in quality and price. Working out which ones are the best for us can be a minefield. Kinesiology can help.

With kinesiology we can balance the body systems and biochemical processes affected by stress so the systems will take up what they need again. In addition, we can test to see which supplements your body needs, how many to take, the best time to take them and for how long. Using my knowledge and experience in nutrition, I will help you prioritise what you need so you don't feel like you are a rattling pill bottle!

If you are already taking supplements I recommend that you bring them with you to the appointment to confirm they are the best supplements for you. If you are concerned about bias then the supplements can be disguised so that neither I nor you will know which is being tested! I can also show you how to test yourself, so that you can see if something is good for you or not before buying it.

Allergy testing
As well as checking for supplements, kinesiology can also be used to test for allergies to common foodstuffs, household chemicals, pollen, house and dust mites and much more. My testing kit has many different items but you are welcome to bring any products which may be of concern to you. Don't worry, you are not expected to bring the entire contents of your kitchen or bathroom cupboard!

One brand I particularly recommend is GNLD. The source of raw materials and care in manufacturing are of the highest quality. They don't just use organic and natural resources - they start with organic food. It makes sense that if the diet is deficient, then food is the best supplement, so their products are made from concentrates of food. They call it 'human-food-chain-natural'.

For the last fifty years, GNLD has been making a wonderful supplement called Formula IV. It contains lipids and sterols, which are essential components of our hormones as well as being present as a double layer in every cell membrane. These lipids and sterols soften the cell walls, enabling waste products to pass out of the cell more easily and beneficial nutrients to pass into the cell more easily. Many supplements pass straight through the body, but with Formula IV, the softened cell walls will enable them to reach where they need to more efficiently.

Why we need supplements
We cannot obtain everything we need from our food. Today's fruit and vegetables provide about 20-50% of the nutrients they provided 50 years ago. Pollution, genetic engineering, mineral-deficient soil, chemical fertilisers and pesticides, premature harvesting, transportation and storage all contribute to the further reduction of available vitamins and minerals in our food. Animals and fish are fed a diet of questionable quality and are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, which we absorb when eating meat and fish. In addition, much of our diet consists of processed and refined foods, sorely lacking in nutrients.

As we age, we are less able to absorb and utilise the vitamins and minerals in our food. It is important, therefore, to supplement our diets with good quality, whole food vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Synthetic supplements are actually more stressful for the body than taking no supplements at all, as the body has to deal with the extra chemicals contained in the pills.

Studies have been carried out on children, prison inmates, cancer patients and many other groups, showing clearly the huge improvements in mental, physical and emotional health obtained when taking supplements.

Kinesiology can help you work out what supplements you need to take. Using your muscles as an indicator, we can test to see which ones your body prefers, how many to take and for how long to take them. In my testing kit, I keep samples of many different brands. I also suggest that you bring along any supplements you are already taking. That way we can find out if your body likes them and if they are beneficial for you. We can also test to see if you need to increase or decrease the number you are taking, and the best time of day to take them.



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