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K-Power Epigenetics Healing Cycles workshop

Sat 24 & Sun 25 February 2018
The HolistiCentre
Broome Park, Barham
Canterbury CT4 6QX

Cost £125

Contact Penny to book your place -
spaces are limited


Coming soon

Introduction to Kinesiology
1:00pm to 4:00pm
The HolistiCentre
Barham, Canterbury
Kent CT4 6QX

Come and see what Kinesiology is all about and how it may help you, your family and friends

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Mastery of
Emotional Stress Release

Coming soon!
(also available as a weekly evening class - contact me for details)
Time: 9:00-17:00
Venue: The HolistiCentre, Barham, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QX
Cost: £150


In this workshop you will learn 20 emotional stress-defusion techni­ques. This is a hands-on, inter­personal, experiential intensive workshop which will make a positive difference in the way you work with clients.

If you are not a therapist/ practitioner, you can use these techniques with friends or family, or on yourself.

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A tool kit for life

Kinesiology is rather like a 'tool kit for life'. With each appointment you have with Penny, you'll learn various techniques (or 'tools') to help you deal with stress and enable you to get back on track more quickly when you've had a bit of a knock.

Examples of self-help techniques:

  • Clear old, stressful memories
  • Prepare for a forthcoming event that is causing anxiety
  • Improve your health and vitality
  • Get through a challenging situation
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Calm your nerves when stressed
  • Reduce anger
  • Improve your brain function
  • Test yourself to see what's beneficial or not
  • Improve your performance
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Feeling stuck, tired or stressed?

Give Kinesiology a try!

Use it to boost your general health and wellbeing or to deal with specific problems, such as losing weight, aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, headaches, digestive problems, skin problems, sleep difficulties, sports injuries, anxiety, depression, phobias, lack of energy or low self-esteem.

Whether you want to clear traumas from the past, sort out problems or worries you have right now, or prepare yourself for a forthcoming event that's worrying you, Kinesiology can help.

You can also use it to see what supplements suit you or whether there are some foods you’d benefit from eating or avoiding.

Kent Kinesiologist


Advanced Registered Practitioner of:


Senior member (Kinesiology) of the
British Register of Complementary Practitioners
which is regulated by:
Institute For Complementary And Natural Medicine


Coming soon -
a two-day course